Construction works on new parking lot for students behind track and field.


Parking For All!

August 30, 2018

Honking horns, crowded parking spaces, and the fear of hitting another car is what goes through the mind of many teenage drivers as they enter and exit the parking lot.

Due to the limited amount of parking spaces, parking has become an issue for many students. Although many students have parking passes it can still be a struggle to find parking.

“The issue is, as the population grew, we had to start placing portables in some of our parking lots,” assistant principal Ronald Dentinger said. “It took up a lot of space which caused the shortage in parking spaces.”

While the wait continues for two new parking lots by the football stadium and the softball field, many students have turned to the option of parking illegally causing many tickets to be issued around the campus.

Additionally, an issue that has brought concern is nearby residents having to deal with high school students parking in their front lawns.

“I have to wake up a lot earlier due to the limited parking spaces and sometimes I just have to end up parking on the street rather than in the parking lot,” junior Jorge Cuevas said.

However, there is still hope for students as the new parking lots should be up and running by the second semester, adding more than 150 new parking spots for students.

“The first parking lot is supposed to be done by the first week of November if not sooner,” Dentinger said. “The second lot is supposed to be done by the beginning of January.”

Despite the current chaos, students can look forward to the new parking lot in the next few months.

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