The baseball boys celebrate a successful night with the Rockies and Longhorns.


Baseball team lends helping hand

November 6, 2018

The Coronado baseball team may be known for their home runs, but it’s their striking involvement with the Miracle of League of El Paso that has captured attention.

On Wednesday October 24th, the baseball team went to play with the Miracle League of El Paso at Ponder Park. The Miracle League is a non-profit organization that provides children with disabilities to play baseball. Players range in age from three years and older, and their disabilities vary among ADHD, various cancers, and autism. The Miracle League gives people who wouldn’t have normally thought about playing baseball a chance to throw a winning pitch.

The Miracle League runs three divisions of play: non-competitive, intermediate, and competitive for all the different skill levels of the kids. The three divisions take turns using the field for practices and games throughout the week. 

At the league, the volunteer baseball players can be seen helping kids throw and catch the ball, pushing children in wheelchairs, and running alongside the kids. Players also take the time to get to know the kids.  

“I truly love talking to the kids and getting to know them during the game,” junior Lucas Rosas said. “It was so great to help those kids just play the game that we all love.”

Every year, the Miracle League writes a letter to every high school in El Paso asking for volunteers. For the last three years, the parents of the baseball team have responded back so the Miracle League can play baseball. 

The team loves working with the Miracle League and look forward to their years of baseball to come. 

“This is an amazing experience and I love being able to give back to the community in this way,” junior Tanner Fincher said. “I love being with the kids; it always brightens my day.”

Coach Juan Orozco loves the opportunity of the Miracle League and is deeply grateful his team gets to indulge in the experience.  

“I think it is a great experience for the boys; it truly allows the boys to get involved with the Miracle League and interact with children across El Paso,” Orozco said.

The Miracle League also invigorates the baseball team as they look forward to their upcoming season.  

“It’s a humbling experience and its truly a blessing to help these kids,” junior Frankie Wells said. “It really gives me enthusiasm for our season coming up in January.” 

The Coronado baseball team will step up to the plate on January 25th for the first practice of the season. 

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