Prom court, theme announced


Photo / Christian Quinones

The 2019 prom king and queen will be announced at the dance.

Madison Untersee, Writer

On Monday, March 11th, Coronado’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) announced the 2019 prom court and theme in C building.  Tickets will be sold for $40 in C building until Friday, April 5th, and will cost $50 at the door. The theme for this year’s prom is Glitz & Glam, and students are encouraged to get “glammed” up for the dance.

The prom court was also revealed during lunch, and elections for prom king and queen will commence just before the dance. The prom court consists of four different pairs, and the pair with highest votes will be crowned. The nominees are Sasha Cobos and Nathaniel Seufert, Kaylie Coleman and Isaiah Dawkins, Danielle Phillips and Nick Aguirre, and Skylar Stogner and Garrett Slaughter.

“I am very excited to be nominated for prom queen,” senior Skylar Stogner said. “I think that it’s every girl’s dream to be a queen, and I hope that I am voted as prom queen along with Garrett as prom king.”

Some couples go out to a restaurant with their date, go in groups, or rent a limo, and everyone takes pictures before heading to the dance.

“I’m excited for prom because I’ve never been to a prom before even though I am a senior, and I can’t wait to have fun with my friends and enjoy some quality time with them,” senior Avianna Lopez said.

Prom will be held on Saturday, April 6th from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Grace Gardens in the Grand Ballroom. Grace Gardens is located at 6701 Westside Drive.