Halloween open mic to offer frightfully good entertainment


Photo / Victoria Gasca

The library invites all interested students and staff to perform poetry, play music, deliver jokes, tell stories, or surprise the crowd with other acts during the Halloween open mic. Anyone is also able to attend for the purpose of watching.

Anna Guerra, Writer

Students and staff members with a love for literature and the arts who are eager to hear new pieces should certainly make plans to attend the library’s open mic on Halloween. Each month on a Thursday, an open mic event takes place during lunch, allowing those on campus to perform different forms of literature and music or even attend to support others. This school year, the emcees are Senior President Daniela Enriquez and Senior Vice President Tioluwa Akinjaiyeju.

A notable characteristic of the Coronado open mics are students and teachers passionately expressing themselves in front of others. It allows them to become more confident, get feedback and tips on their work, and draw inspiration from other performers, all in a safe and friendly environment.

Types of performances include – but are not limited to – recitation of original or classic poetry, reading certain passages from books, singing, or playing an instrument. The events often have returning students who perform each month, but audiences are always welcoming new performances.

“I look forward to all of our regular performers, but I hope to have new performances, too,” librarian Mrs. Blessinger said.

For returning performers, noticing them get more comfortable performing in front of a crowd over time is an interesting phenomenon to watch.

“I love my job as being a host because it is fun seeing the people who are a little nervous come out of their shell and try something new,” Akinjaiyeju said.

Open mic is a great opportunity for students and faculty alike to get out of their comfort zone, try something new, and enjoy different performances. It is open for everyone to perform and to attend each month. Those interested in performing simply need to show up during lunch on Halloween. For any questions, see the librarians before school, after school, or during lunch.