J-Lo and Shakira plan to put on a halftime show that people will never forget. (Photo courtesy / Hollywood Reporter)
J-Lo and Shakira plan to put on a halftime show that people will never forget.

Photo courtesy / Hollywood Reporter

J-Lo and Shakira to put on the 2020 Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show

November 22, 2019

America’s favorite football game, the Super Bowl, has announced the performers for their 2020 game. The nation’s biggest football game attracts a large audience, so it is important that the halftime show matches that importance.

The event is sponsored by Pepsi and receives over 100 million viewers every year. It has hosted performers such as Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and many more distinguished artists throughout its years. This tradition has been going on since 1967 and continues to grow every year.

The Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show is an annual event that selects different artists to perform together. This year’s performers will be Shakira and Jennifer Lopez (JLO). The Super Bowl will be held on Feb. 2, 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. The date seems to be significantly important to Shakira, as it is not only the performance date, but also her 43rd birthday.

“I’m so honored to be taking on one of the world’s biggest stages in the company of a fellow female artist to represent Latinos and Latinas from the U.S. and all over the world — and to top it off, on my birthday!” Shakira told Today.

The two performers have agreed that their goal is to make the Super Bowl show ‘impactful.’ JLO announced that she has been involved in many meetings and is trying to put a theme together. She also told sources that she has begun sketching her outfits. To add to the excitement of the show, Jay-Z will be helping to produce the show. It was released that the original ideal performer was Rihanna, who declined the offer.

“Shakira and I have spoken a few times already,” JLO told People. “She’s putting her thing together, [I’m] putting my thing together, thinking about who we want to join us on stage, if we want that.”

Both stars are fan favorites and will attract a vast audience. It is unclear who the performers will invite to go along with them, but viewers can expect them to add to the greatness. Halftime show performers are a major part of the Super Bowl, and these two ladies are expected to make this year’s event something that will always be remembered.

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