De-Stress After Finals Week

Layla Boyer, News Editor

As the fall semester comes to an end, students are preparing for final projects, writing papers, and cramming to study for final exams. Finals week is often a bittersweet time for students, though many are excited about the long upcoming break. There is a wide spectrum of stress levels for students: some are trying to bring their grades up as much as possible, some are studying for all of their finals, and some students are exempt.

Exams can take a toll on one’s mind, especially around the holiday season. As much as you are studying, you also need to maintain some balance.  Here are some ideas to help calm down after all your finals and start your winter break off right!

Hang Out With Friends 

In a study done by Carnegie Mellon, the emotional support provided by social ties enhances your psychological well-being. During finals, everyone has been stressing too. Spend some time with your friends and catch up for a good laugh.

Put Your Notes Away 

After finals, some may be tempted to review notes and determine the right or wrong answers, which is okay as long as you don’t relieve the test. More likely than not, after you take the test you will be awaiting the grade to see how you did. Reviewing over and over again will cause more stress.

Catch Up on Sleep

Finals week is often associated with all-nighters. If that was the case for you, catch up on the sleep you missed. Your body needs it! It is proven that you can get a better night’s rest in a clean room, so tidy up and rest some rest!

Enjoy your break, T-Birds!