Spotify Wrapped showcases a listener’s favorite artists over the last 10 years. (Photo / Hector Sanchez)
Spotify Wrapped showcases a listener’s favorite artists over the last 10 years.

Photo / Hector Sanchez

Spotify wraps up your favorite music from the last decade

December 20, 2019

For Spotify listeners who were curious about who their top five artists were over the last decade, their desire has been fulfilled. The end of the year marks the return of the feature known as Spotify Wrapped, which shows all of the music and artists an individual listened to over the past year. The end of the 2010s also brings a new twist: the 2019 edition of Spotify Wrapped will show all of the music a user listened to in the last decade, which they can share online through apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The “share card” is a personalized list that includes their top artists of the year and decade. There is no need to search for artists and songs listened to 7 years ago because Spotify’s new addition has made listening to old artists so much easier.

“I see all my friends and family posting their 2019 wrapped and decade wrap on social media, so I decided to hop on the trend and post mine online,” senior Alex Gonzalez said. “My top 5 were Drake, Lil Baby, Gunna, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin; I also had over 50,000 minutes of music listened this year, which is a lot.”

This feature was not only for listeners: artists could log into their Spotify account and see how they reached out to their fans in the last year. It reveals data about how many streams, hours, listeners, and countries they influenced over the last decade. The list also shows which countries and the type of people that the artists’ music was most popular with. Podcasters will also get their own 2019 Wrapped so they can find out how their show has grown over the past year and how many followers and streamers they were able to acquire.

“My friend and I decided to start a podcast a year ago, and we have around five episodes,” senior Pablo Garcia said. “With the Spotify [Wrapped feature], we were able to see how many people we were able to reach out in a year span, and it turned out to be over 1,000 which we were really excited to see.”

Spotify Wrapped is a great thing for listeners and artists all over the world. Artists are able to watch their fans interact with their music, while the fans are able to listen to songs they might have forgotten about from years ago. Now, it just remains to be seen what the next decade means for music styles and tastes.

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