Back to School Trends

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As summer winds down, we have all started thinking about what we need to go back to school. Clothes are the most important, behind supplies of course, that comes to peoples’ minds. Here are some back-to-school trends that will give you an idea of what everyone will be rocking this
coming fall. Vintage has made a huge appearance into teen’s closets and will continue to be seen everywhere. Wide leg jeans or pants and plaid skirts can be found at any thrift store or Urban Outfitters for a low price and are perfect for school. These items are usually worn with a cropped graphic tee, tube top, or a graphic tee tucked in. Accessorize with chokers and vans or white sneakers.

On the sporty side, Nike Air Max are coming back cuter and more stylish than ever. Instead of just being worn with athletic leggings or shorts, you can wear them with jeans and a tee and still look stylish. White are the perfect choice since they will go with everything. Usually jeans and tennis shoes are a huge no, but in this case, it is the perfect balance of sporty and fashionable.

Platform sandals are “wannabe” heels that allow you to move freely and feel comfortable enough to walk for long periods of time. They are perfect if you have long pants that you need to not drag on the ground, or for jean shorts, or a jean skirt. They add a little height if you are short and things don’t fit right or they are a perfect addition to give an outfit that summery look. Steve Madden has a huge selection with lots of different styles and colors. Neutral colors such as black, tan, silver, or white are probably the best when it comes to color because they
will match with everything.

Hopefully these tips will give you a head start on back-to-school shopping and will ensure this is the best year ever!