Kanye’s much awaited album: ‘Donda’


Photo courtesy / Getty Images

Kanye West is famous for his controversies as well as his public announcement of having bipolar disorder. His newest announcement is his decision to change his name to Ye.

Galiah Abbud, Writer

West kept his fans on the edge of their seats. Fans eagerly awaited the release of his so promised album: ‘Donda’. Initially, his 10th album’s release date was July 2020.

The album, named after his deceased mother, has an obvious emotional significance to West and his fans. West is notorious for incorporating his personal experiences into his music. West’s album ‘I Hate Being Bipolar, It’s Awesome’ deals with his struggle with bipolar disorder.

West has open conversations about how his disorder has not held him back but rather motivated him in his career.

“I think it’s good that when I had my first complete blackout at age five, my mom didn’t fully medicate me, because I might have never been Ye in this Times Square,” West said.

Expectations for the ‘Donda’ album were high. Fans expected ‘Donda’, like his other nine albums, to reach an emotional connection between him and his audience.  After all, West is very controversial. Supporting him, after Twitter rampages, a controversial presidential rally prolife speech, and explosive behavior can be difficult. All fans, including myself, expect his music in return for support.

The build-up for the new album was overwhelming. After the third listening party at the Soldier Field in West’s hometown Chicago, West released the album.  Finally, the so promised ‘Donda’ album dropped on Aug. 28, 2021.

The album has 27 songs with many of the songs having a “part 2.”  The interlude of the album, ‘Donda Chant’, repeats his mom’s name to the beat of her last heartbeats.

The album is very representative of who West is as not only an artist but as a person. West includes different beats and tempos to create a variety of moods.

My favorite song ‘Moon’ is a mellow and slow-moving song. The song features Kid Cudi and Don Toliver as well as recordings from West’s ‘Sunday Service’. To me, the song symbolizes calm after a storm. ‘Moon’ is a musical representation of comfort and remedy after a long year for both West and his listeners.

It seems like ‘Donda’ was almost a broken promise.