Mixed opinions on the new building

The ‘A’ building is constructed with glass windows for walls, rolling chairs, whiteboard desks, an elevator, and a total of three floors. Outside, a cyan color enhances the new building and easily makes it stand out. Inside the bathrooms, new utilities are there for use and comfort. An air dryer and a button that displays which bathrooms are available is one of the new installments in the bathroom. Despite these new additions, students, teachers and administrators have strong opinions to share about the ‘A’ building.

Physics teacher Hector Rodriguez gave a bit more insight on the situation. He also saw this as something with new opportunities but at the same time, some obstacles.

“I think the rooms aren’t big enough, but I do like the more modern boards,” Rodriguez said.

Campus clerk Lilia Poissant mentioned that just like her, mostly everyone in the administrator’s office is grateful to be relocated into ‘A’ building. One thing she appreciated is the sensualized heating and cooling now available, as opposed to the absence of it in the old building. “In the old A building, we all had to go outside to use the restroom,” Poissant said. “We appreciate not having to leave the office for that anymore.”

Junior Victoria Montes expressed that she had mixed feelings about the new appliances implemented in the building.

“I like the cleanliness and calmness, but I don’t like that there are no trashcans or the glass windows,” Montes said. “However, I think it’s good that we have a new building and I believe it’s much better than the old A building.”

There are some issues to be fixed, but the new features that students can take advantage of such as the lounge area and interactive boards are a major benefit. Something that students dislike is the congestion made during transitioning time between periods since the doors are rather small. The desks and rolling chairs are also an excellent feature.

Due to these varying perspectives, the Explorer conducted a poll over a duration of three months, from January to March, on the consensus around the new building.

The results of the poll showed mixed results in terms of reactions towards the new building. Some liked the new building, describing it as “modern” and “beautiful” but many students expressed feelings of apprehension towards the walls being made of glass and of the difficulty of navigating the building. A small minority of students cited indifference.

The new building has brought a new sense of productivity and a refreshing feel to the year 2022. It produced different perspectives, but in the end, it has become something memorable for future generations to experience and make memories in for the years to come.