FFA Continues to Contribute to Campus.


Photo/ Caroline Mann

FFA recently celebrated FFA week and participants gave teachers seeds to plant and other goods to show teacher appreciation and bring awareness to the program.

Avery Medlock, Writer

Future Farmers of America, otherwise known as the FFA, is a program here on campus that gives students a look into agriculture and the lifestyle that comes with it.  The association uses a 36-acre piece of land to allow participants to learn about farming and working in the cultivation department. 

Teachers of FFA Tinajero Luis and Jennifer Matejcek are always working to give these kids firsthand experience in this field by accompanying them in everyday activities such as welding.

“They are the best.  They have helped us prepare so much with the best hands-on training in the world.  I couldn’t ask for better instructors”, senior Aiden Rascon said.

Many believe that joining FFA will be easy, but it is quite the opposite.  FFA is a rigorous but rewarding program, and although it is difficult and requires a lot of hard work and exploration, it is worthwhile in the experience that comes with it.

“There have definitely been some rough spots.  I am only a freshman, but I have been around the organization for a while as my mom is the teacher.  Times can get tough, but you just have to keep trucking through them,” freshman Nolan Matejcek said.

FFA students have to learn how to balance this program with their academic and personal lives. Considering, that FFA is time-consuming and requires dedication there are various hurdles to jump.  Things like COVID-19,  drought, etc., are all things that can and have put obstacles in front of the program, yet they still found ways to push through it.

“They’ve taught me a lot about leadership, teamwork, and commitment. This helps to prepare for the future because in the workforce you need all those, especially when dealing with other people”, junior Luke Erler said.

FFA has become an important program here on campus and brings in a large number of transfers and prospective students each year.  The future is bright for the FFA organization and will prove its validity as the years go by.