One Enchanted Evening


Students enjoying the evening made possible by PTSA.

Avery Bloss, Writer

Prom has been highly anticipated since the absence of the event during the pandemic. Promposals have begun, and students are beginning to prepare for the big night. Junior and seniors have taken the time to find a well-fitting dress or suit and find a date in order to make it a memorable night.

“I’m super excited for prom since I didn’t go last year,” senior Corbin Bettes said. “I ordered my dress in February and got my shoes delivered yesterday. I still need to plan my hair and nail appointment and order my corsages for my date and me.”

The Parent Teacher Student Association is working hard to make it a magical night for everyone. This year’s theme is Enchanted Evening. The evening will entail fun music, lights, delicious food, and lots of dancing to fill the night with fun.  PTSA vice president Wendy Bloss is  assisting in making the scenery fun and “enchanting.”

“The PTSA committee has been working really hard to make this night special for the students. We hope to make it a night they will never forget,” Bloss said. “Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the students, we hope to make it as special as possible.”

Prom king and queen nominations closed on April 1 and voting were only open to seniors. The voting ballot is soon to come out with the girls and boys nominated by their class as king and queen.

“The king and queen won’t be announced until the day of prom,”  organizer Renee Aguirre said, “but the nominations should be released soon.”

Although there is no official dress code, students are expected to dress appropriately.  Considering it is a school event, students are expected to act accordingly to school rules and student conduct. A school ID will be required to enter the dance.

Prom is scheduled for April 23 at 8. It is set to be located at Grace Gardens and the tickets are on sale now. Until April 22, the tickets are priced at $40 and then they will be $50 at the door. Don’t miss out on this important school activity and get your tickets now.