Texas Needs A Progressive Governor


Photo Courtesy / Flickr

O’Rourke has promised to oppose the policies of incumbent governor Greg Abbott

Jordyn Davis

Governor Greg Abbott has had a rough couple of years, to say the least. From new laws preventing the discussion of racism in schools to measures against abortion, Abbot’s policies have sparked many mixed feelings from both parties. Last November, Beto O’Rourke announced his bid for governor, challenging Abbot’s position. This change could be for the best, helping to push Texas in a newer, better direction.

Just recently, O’Rourke campaigned in El Paso, expressing his motives to undo many of Abbots more controversial policies. His push for education reform undermines Abott’s pressure on teachers to perform better on standardized tests. Instead, O’Rourke plans to increase the salaries of teachers at least $7,500 a year and replace the infamous Texas STAR test.

In addition to making public education his number one priority, O’Rourke wants to build a foundation that creates higher paying jobs, hoping specifically to unify all Texans. High unemployment rates stem from a greater root, that being the absence of universal daycare and a historically low minimum wage. While candidates can promise acts they will not ultimately make, I truly believe O’Rourke will stick to his word. He has a good record, such as being an active member in union reforms and supporting the trans community, I think O’Rourke will move us one step closer from becoming a progressive state.

Like most political candidates, O’Rourke has some controversial opinions, specifically about the legalization of marijuana. When asked about his perspective on the topic, O’Rourke made it abundantly clear that marijuana being illegal harms the economy. He believes that the US is losing billions of dollars by limiting the sale of marijuana to the black market and putting young people at risk. This could be a potential boost to his campaign, since a large portion of Texas is in favor of legalizing marijuana. Our neighbor state, New Mexico, has recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

While Abbot’s time as governor has not been without its positives, such as balancing budgets without raising taxes, he has maintained the tired values of a conservative state. With O’Rourke in charge, Texas could finally become a progressive state that represents the opinions of all parties and works to establish a better community. Texas truly needs a governor that will equally represent our values and that is Beto O’Rourke.