Harry’s House- Best Album of 2022


Graphic courtesy / Asael Prado

Harry Styles’ music has made an impact on many people.

Jiya Patel, Editor-In-Chief

For many, music is an escape. It is an opening to the world of fantasy and daydreams. It plays a huge role in the lives of all individuals- regardless of their demographic. Musical artists can have the ability to change the lives of their fans with the music they release. The 2022 year was no different. It too came with releases from many favorites. However, with the wide selection that this year has held so far, what would be considered the best album of this year?  Personally, I feel that Harry’s House would win the award for best album of the year. Its unique retro-pop melody and heartfelt lyrics leave the listener not only refreshed but wanting more.

Harry has always been known for his lyrics- which are full of emotion and passion. The artist’s third studio album doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. In fact, it opens his fans up to a more vulnerable side of him. This newfound easiness and willingness to exposure is something he takes pride in. One of the most influential lyrics to me personally comes from the song “Matilda.” The lyrics, “And not invite your family, ’cause they never showed you love. You don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up, mmh.” It really speaks to me in the sense of feeling lonely even when it appears you have many people in your corner.

” I think while it obviously is a lot more electronic in a lot of places than anything I’ve made, it’s also so much more intimate to me,” he shared. “And so much more intimately made . . . And this is my favorite album now, and I love it so much.” he said in an interview with Apple Music.

The experiences he attempts to convey through the album are not only clear to the listeners, but also expressed in such an intimate and creative way that they not only gain appreciation for him as a person but are able to relate to his music and find pieces of themselves in his lyrics. It provides a sense of emotional support that listeners use for comfort and reassurance. For instance, he touches a lot on the vulnerability of going through life alone and meeting people along the way who not only make life easier, but more worth living.

For me personally, this album has provided an escape in many hard times. Harry Styles has always been an inspiration to me and hearing his outlook on things I go through not only makes me feel comfort, but also supported. In a world where social media opens a world of comparing yourself to many people, this album makes me realize that many times it’s a highlight reel of life. The hardships are also a commonality, and Styles makes it clear he isn’t an exception.

“This album is the best thing that your ears could listen to, the best thing that your eyes could see, and the best feeling your heart could feel. It does not matter if you are sad, happy, bored, crying, breaking down, dancing, or sleeping, this album will be the support and reassurance you need.” said Ximena Sanchez Lopez- a Styles fan and music enthusiast- on Google Reviews.

Many have taken the time to analyze his lyrics and find the unique themes that Harry attempts to portray through his melodic lyrics and beats. A general theme that fans have found relates to the vulnerable ideas associated with domesticity- or his personal home and family life. Certain tracks in particular, such as the emotional lyrics of “Matilda” or “Love Of My Life” exhibit this theme in obvious terms.

However, despite common belief, this idea of a “home” doesn’t always involve the actual image of a home. In fact, for Harry, it’s an almost internal balance you reach that occurs as a result of the gratitude and appreciation you have for yourself and the individuals you surround yourself with.

As he told Better Home and Gardens, he stated, “I realized that that home feeling isn’t something that you get from a house; it’s more of an internal thing.”

Harry Styles is not only a global icon, but a revolutionary individual who has changed a lot of lives. Proof of this is found in the entirety of the album. People find comfort in his lyrics and feel feelings of warmness and comfort after reflecting on his lyrics.

As he once said, “Remember, everything will be alright. We can meet again somewhere, somewhere far away from here.”