Announcement: School Attendance Competition

Abigail Carrasco , Writer

The school administration has decided to organize an attendance competition among all grade levels as a result of a friendly rivalry between Coronado, Franklin, and El Paso High School.

Every Friday for the following month, the class with the best attendance will be given the chance to leave for lunch 10 minutes early. The students with the most improved and perfect attendance records will also be entered into weekly drawings for a chance to win a reward.

Admin says that while this was initiated due to being challenged by El Paso High, they hope that this will improve attendance schoolwide as it has worsened after COVID and quarantine.

Admin hopes to be able to implement the “90 percent rule” which indicates that students must attend 90 percent of their classes to receive credit. They hope that this will further push students to prioritize their education.

While this started as a competition, admin hopes to see some change in initiative and responsibility in the students across all grade levels and they hope that the incentives will encourage them even more.

The administrators of the schools with the worst attendance will have to wear the colors of the school with the best attendance as a fun joke. Coronado is currently in the lead, and administration thinks a victory is promising.