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New school year, new teachers

October 4, 2019

This year, Coronado welcomed multiple new teachers, due to the growing student population and the retiring of previous educators. The new staff include Mrs. Niland and Mrs. Rystad. These teachers have had previous teaching experience but are teaching at Coronado for the first time in a while or the first time ever.

Mrs. Niland teaches Advanced Placement (AP) English 4 and Pre-Advanced Placement (PAP) English 2. Niland previously taught here – about a decade ago – but took a break to raise her children. Her oldest child is now a freshman at Coronado. Along with teaching English classes, she is also the Junior Executive Committee parent sponsor.

“She’s a great teacher and has helped me learn a lot this year,” senior Liam Crowley said.

Mrs. Rystad teaches Sociology and Economics; she is also the assistant cheer coach this year. Rystad previously taught cheer at Andres High School. Being her first year teaching at Coronado, she is excited to see how the year goes. Rystad also has a child who is attending Coronado. Additionally, she has committed to being the Sophomore Executive Committee sponsor.

“Mrs. Rystad is a really good cheer coach, and I’m really glad she came to help us this year,” sophomore Corbin Bettes said. “I get to learn from her every day.”

In August, senior Hannah Tuttle – the Teacher Staff Appreciation Chair of Student Council – gifted teachers stickers with the catchy slogan “we will always stick by you,” to help them feel like part of the Coronado community. Tuttle is in charge of making teachers and staff crafts on behalf of the student body and celebrating staff appreciation days. This month, Tuttle gave them little cups with graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolates, and marshmallows, assembling a s’more. The cups were decorated with the phrase, “we need s’more teachers like you,” acknowledging the hard work and passion put forth by those who dedicate their lives to educating young people.

Coronado is prepared for meaningful experiences this upcoming year and is looking forward to what all the new teachers have to offer.

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