(Photo courtesy / Apple)

Photo courtesy / Apple

Apple continues to redefine technology

October 2, 2019

Apple just released a collection of new products: the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Plus, the Apple Watch Series 5, and the very first Apple card.  Each year, the company develops a new design or new functions, occasionally introducing wholly new creations as well. Each of these products surpass the previous versions through enhanced technology, making these purchases a better investment for the customer.

Apple has outdone themselves with the iPhone 11. Even though the phone’s front layout is the same as the iPhone editions that came out last year, the back of the phone has some components that are completely different. The features on the iPhone 11 include two cameras, while the iPhone 11 Plus has three cameras. The reason for the additional cameras is so that the phone owner can choose between a wide shot or a narrow shot. The phone also has updated features, such as all-day battery life, the fastest chip in smartphone history, and the highest quality video on a phone yet. Every new phone boasts the A13 bionic processor, a speedier and more recent technological development. Additionally, the Pro models feature a wider range of colors, including black, white, green, yellow, purple, and product red. The iPhones went on sale on September 20.

Photo / Christian Quinones
Images of the A building courtyard, taken by the iPhone X (left) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (right), highlight the wider view provided by the newest model.

The company also created an Apple Card, which acts as a credit card. Rather than a regular card, which goes through a bank, an Apple Card is linked to Apple Pay. Every time a purchase is made with the Apple Pay application, 2% of the transaction is given back to the individual’s daily cash, without a limit on the purchase price. Purchases made using the thick, titanium card itself earn only 1% back. The iPhone Wallet app keeps track of each payment and separates them into a color-coded category to facilitate spending habit tracking. The card is only available to US consumers.

Apple also created a new Apple Watch. The series 5 watch display never turns off, so the owner can see their watch face and time at all times. However, for the purpose of ensuring a longer battery life, the display does dim when not in use. Another new feature is the ability to keep track of heart rate through an ECG app. A default noise app warns the owner when a noise is too loud and can possibly affect their hearing. The watch can now stream up to 50 million songs if Apple Music is activated, in addition to many podcasts and audiobooks. The most significant new facet is the ability to call, text, or use Apple Pay when a user’s phone is absent. The watch is available for purchase and is customizable.

Apply has created a variety of new products this year with new innovative features. They have also come up with a completely new product, the Apple Card, that possesses some completely unique abilities. Apple hopes to increase its clientele by attracting new customers to acquire their products.

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