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October 21, 2019


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The Green Club has set up decorated recycling bins in hallways, as well as smaller ones within classrooms across campus.

The AP Environmental Science teacher Ms. Ana Detzcl created the Seeds of Tomorrow last year for all students to join. It is a recycling and an environmental awareness club that targets the ongoing problem of pollution. It informs all of the students of the detrimental side effects that actions have on our environment. The club experiments with hands-on activities to promote environmental awareness. The Seeds of Tomorrow is inviting all students to participate in the year-long projects to help the school limit its carbon footprint.

Many AP Environmental Science students from last year were members of the club and continue to draw valuable experiences from it.

“It is a great program to be a part of because it pushes us as students to be more aware of the planet we live on, as well as helping us improve our people skills by interacting with our student body,” senior Alyssa Heist said.

The students organized a school-wide assembly to inform the students and staff about the new initiatives to recycle and reduce waste.

“We decorated recycling bins to help encourage the people to recycle at school more, as well as getting different clubs involved, such as the leadership, special education, and the pre-K program, who pick up the bins,” senior Dora Goldstein said.

Other ongoing recycling initiatives involve materials besides the usual paper, plastic, and cardboard. As part of the national “Trex Bags for a Bench” competition, students who bring 100 plastic bags to E-8 will receive a sticker designed by a Coronado alumna.  The Seeds of Tomorrow is also urging students and staff to bring used batteries, markers, and clean glass to the classroom so that they can be recycled properly. Through collaborative efforts with Student Council’s Energy and Environment Committee, they plan to organize monthly campus cleanups.

In addition, Ms. Detzcl and the Seeds of Tomorrow have put together bins for people to collect organic waste, which is to be used in a developing project.

“The idea is to get all the organic trash from the cafeteria to take to the agricultural building to make the compost, which is right next to our organic garden,” she said.

Last year, Principal Marc Escareno provided funds for the club to get the materials needed, such as the wood, soil, seeds, and irrigation systems. This school year, they set up the garden in preparation for winter crops to be grown and hope that, throughout the year, more organizations will be involved in the process.

“The goal is that once we get the garden started, we want the community to help us work on the garden as well as be able to buy organic vegetables year-round,” Ms. Detzcl said.

The Seeds of Tomorrow continues to carry out projects designed to help better the school, the community, and the environment. Whether it be recycling around school or working in their organic garden, all students and staff are asked to work toward achieving the club’s mission to go green.

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