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Through the 1Million Project, 171 Coronado students will receive Wi-Fi hotspots, furthering their ability to compete academically with students who already have internet access at home.

1Million Project brings the gift of internet access to students

Imagine being unable to access Schoology at home and having to rely on using the school’s internet. For some students, this will no longer be their reality. Coronado will be giving 171 hotspots to students without access to internet through an online survey. Sprint is sponsoring 1 million free internet-providing devices, and Coronado is one of the high schools that has been selected.

“Students who don’t have reliable internet at home at home are at a disadvantage,” Assistant Principal Gilbert Andrews said. “It also helps teachers, who don’t have to deal with the excuse of students not having internet.”

Students with internet access can access much more information, complete assignments placed on Schoology, and use the Internet’s treasure trove of knowledge to study more. According to the 1Million Project, 5 million US families with school-aged children do not have internet access.  Students who are unable to access the internet due to their situation are systematically disfavored compared to students with better Internet. 171 devices are being given out currently.

“So far, it’s been enough,” Head Librarian Dana Callaway said.“If we need more, we’ll get more. It’s all free.”

This year the devices are being given out currently and helps students who otherwise go to outside their home to study. The United Nations declared access to internet a human right in 2016. Coronado is proving to be faithful to that resolution. Everyone, especially with Coronado’s application of digital tools in the classroom, should be able to access internet.

“It helps students who can’t access the Internet at home because kids are going to Starbucks and to the library to get internet,” Principal Marc Escareno said.

The implementation of the 1 million project is helping students across Coronado. Schoology’s interactive site cannot work without the access of internet, and thankfully, students are now able to get their homework done. The 1Million Project is gradually lessening the gap of students with and without internet, making equal education a near reality.

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