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All of the events surrounding homecoming are summed up in this flyer.

Everything you need to know about homecoming week

October 20, 2019

Walking into C building, the typical sight is students studying for their tests, reading textbooks, and writing down assignments in their planners.  This week, the atmosphere will be enlivened with colorful banners hung up from every corner. Music will be blasting instead of the usual silence, and students will be dressed in glitter and fun costumes instead of everyday outfits.

This week is the 2019 Coronado homecoming.  The Senior Executive Committee, who chooses the theme, has decided to celebrate music genres. Dress up days, lunch activities, a pep-rally, and the dance will revolve around this central theme. An exciting football game will also draw many attendees to the stands on Friday.

To kick off the first day of homecoming week, students will dressed in different colors, known as a “color war,” to showcase their class spirit. Seniors are assigned black, juniors white, sophomores pink, freshmen red, and faculty and staff blue. Tuesday is a classic dress up day that has been at Coronado for many years: “decades day.” Freshmen will pull out their poodle skirts and leather jackets for the 50’s, sophomores will channel their inner hippies in classic 60’s style, juniors will sport disco attire for the 70’s, and seniors will wear a bright mix of patterns and designs for the 80’s. Wednesday is the day of the parade, which means the theme of the day is the theme of the dance: music genres. Each grade dresses up according to their float themes, which are mariachis for the freshmen, hip-hop for the sophomores, rock for the juniors, and country for the seniors. Thursday is the “circle of life,” meaning all the grades represent life’s journey. The freshman are babies, sophomores are awkward teens, juniors are mid-life crisis, and seniors are senior citizens. Friday is blue and gold day, when school spirit floods the air and students wear their mums and garters for the game.

With all of the plans in place, this week draws much participation from students.

“I love homecoming week because of all the dress up days that we have,” senior Tioluwa Akinjaiyeju said.”I feel dressing up is a part of the high school experience, and it brings us closer together as a school and…as all of our [grade levels].”

Another big part of homecoming is the parade, which is always on Wednesday at 5:30 PM. Many students, parents, family members, and supporters of Coronado line the streets of the parade route to watch all of the floats drive by. The homecoming parade consists of a wide variety of floats, ranging from the homecoming royalty court to student executive committees to many other clubs and sports teams.

Leading the parade is the homecoming royalty. Each grade votes on a girl to become homecoming princess; she then chooses a football player from her grade level to be her escort. Together, they ride in convertibles, dressed in their crowns, mums, sashes, and garters. Other floats consist of clubs and sports teams that have their members sit on decorated trailers or truck beds and throw candy at the crowd.

The student executive committees take it a step further by building their own floats according to their assigned music genre and competing between grade levels. The entirety of each float must be created by students before being evaluated based on creativity, costumes, and how well the float came together as a whole.

All in all, homecoming plays a big part in the high school experience. Students get creative with dress up days, attend the parade, go to the football game in their mums and garters, and dance the night away in stunning dresses and sophisticated blazers.

The football game against Socorro High School will take place on Friday, Oct. 25 at 7 PM at home. The 2019 Coronado Homecoming Dance is on Saturday, Oct. 26 at the El Paso Convention Center from 8 PM-12 AM. Tickets are on sale this week for $35 in C-9 before school, at lunch, and after school. Tickets prices will increase to $40 if purchased at the door. For more information, ask Student Council members in C-9.

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