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Unification and understanding of differing opinions are arguably the most important step for the American people moving forward into 2020.

Politics v. friendship

December 24, 2019

Politics is what runs this country. We carry many other ideals such as freedom and opportunity, but it is because of our government that our country is able to function. It is the common habit of US citizens to criticize politics and politicians, but just like everything else, the government is imperfect. Everyone has different opinions, especially regarding politics, but that should not define a friendship or any other relationship. It is important to acknowledge and understand politics, but it is just as important to realize when it is – or isn’t – wise to incorporate it into your personal life.

Left and right, liberal and conservative, Democratic and Republican. These are the two most popular political parties that are unremittingly at war with each other, constantly taking opposite stances on the same subjects. In this respect, we are a country divided, but there are so many other things that unite us. Each person has their own ideals, morals, hobbies, and friends, and all those things factor in to the political party you support. However, political beliefs are not all that make up a person, so there is no reasonable explanation as to why it should be a make or break decision to end a relationship.

No one has the same opinions about everything, and the American people are stubborn and unwilling to listen to other opinions. That is the first step, though, to maintaining a friendship. Even just listening to someone else’s opinion and making an attempt to understand it is progress. You don’t have to agree with that person’s opinion – just recognize it. When that opinion is based on a polarizing subject, it is important to stay calm and not lash out, because that can cause a strain.

Politics do, in fact, show a lot about a person’s beliefs. There are a lot of people who give this a negative connotation if the political party is not their own. For example, those who support President Trump are largely discriminated against and stereotyped, just as those who support former President Obama are discriminated against.

To fully understand why people support what they do is to let them explain and being knowledgeable on the issue. Most people make judgements without fully exploring the subject they disagree with. When this happens, it is not done in a factual way, but rather, people are forming an opinion based on bias. That is not an accurate way to form an opinion because not all the facts are known, making it harder for one person to understand another.

Politics do not make up an entire person; it is just a piece of a puzzle. It is immature to cut ties with someone based on it. That is single-minded thinking that won’t help this country get anywhere. In truth, politics, just like this country, is complex with many parts. It is imperative we put our pettiness behind us and learn not to get so offended when someone does not agree with our own opinion, because there will always be someone who disagrees.

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