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January 7, 2020

Every student carries a pride for the school they attend, portraying it to be the best school. High schoolers, with our big egos, are more outward in expressing this. We show our pride by dressing up for spirit weeks, participating in school activities, and just by attending classes. For Coronado High School, we really are the best of the best.

Out of all the high schools in Texas, Coronado is ranked 99th out of 1,298 schools for best college prep. We are also ranked 93rd out of 364 standout high schools in Texas.

It is in the most respectful, sincere way that I say Coronado really is the best in terms of El Paso high school rankings. According to Niche, we are in fourth, with first being Silva Medical, second Arrowhead Park Early College, and third Mission Early College. But those who rank us don’t actually attend the schools, so how can they really know which is better?

As a student here, I can attest to how great this school is in academics, extracurriculars, and diversity. This school offers a variety of courses – regular, AP, Dual Credit, and IB – and students are encouraged to take the classes that will challenge them. The attention and competitiveness each student has to improve and do better is overwhelming. By pushing ourselves and pursuing our goals, we have made Coronado a better school. According to state test scores, students are 74% proficient in reading and 73% proficient in math.

We are rated at an A- for our extracurriculars. Students are just as competitive about clubs and activities as we are about our grades. That can be seen in the amount of practice each extracurricular group commits to during their season.

There are approximately 2,700 students attending Coronado, each grade level containing a diverse group of students, the district rating us at a B+. The different cultures of each student contribute to the school’s charm and acceptance of everyone.

“Coronado can improve its diversity by adding more language classes, like Mandarin and Russian,” said senior Marwa Belhaj.

While school rank may just seem like an unimportant number, it has a bigger meaning that people think. By improving the rank, you are improving the school and yourself. It dictates how this school will succeed or fail after we are long gone. It will determine how well the next generation following us will do.

By focusing our efforts on ourselves rather than all the controversy in the world today, when we finally enter it we can make a change. Make it better. Once we have done that, then we can really have pride, not only in our alma mater, but finally in ourselves and what we can and will accomplish.

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