Billie Eilish continues to take the world by storm. Her Grammy appearance resulted in the winning of 5 major awards, the most for any artist at the age of 18. (Photo courtesy /
Billie Eilish continues to take the world by storm. Her Grammy appearance resulted in the winning of 5 major awards, the most for any artist at the age of 18.

Photo courtesy /

A GRAMMY Award show unlike any other

February 7, 2020

On Sunday, Jan. 26, the GRAMMYs aired at 6 PM MST. The night began with singer-songwriter, Lizzo, performing her 2019 top hit, “Truth Hurts.” This performance blew the crowd away, setting the stage for a night full of amazing performances. Host Alicia Keys also opened the show with her own little parody. Keys took the melody from Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved” and incorporated many performers’ names and current world events into her rendition. She sang about Young Thug, President Trump, Cardi B, the Jonas Brothers, Billie Eilish, and many more. Following her performance, the Jonas Brothers performed their new single, “What a Man Gotta Do,” that they released the previous week.

Winners, including Eilish and Lizzo, stole the show by bringing home the most GRAMMYs, not to mention that they are both new to the music industry. Before the show, Eilish believed she would not win anything and was grateful to even be listed as a nominee. She claims she did not even prepare to give a speech. Little did she know, she would soon break the record for being the youngest artist to bring home five awards in one night. Her awards included “Song of the Year,” “Album of the Year,” and “Award for Record of the Year.” Similarly, Lizzo walked on stage in shock after winning her first GRAMMY. Not only was she the show opener, but she also had eight nominations, three of which she won.

“It was amazing to see what [Eilish] has accomplished at such a young age,” junior Katia Steadman said. “Since she is only 18, she is a great inspiration to many high schoolers to follow their dream.”

Many other celebrities rocked the show this year through their outfits and their music. Camila Cabello did not show up with her celebrity boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. Instead, she rocked the carpet with her father and wanted everyone to know that. When Cabello took the stage to perform, she began to serenade him. The song “First Man,” which she wrote for her father, left him in tears. Blake Shelton and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, proved their love for each other when they sang their song, “Nobody But You.” Demi Lovato took the stage and performed her new song, “Anyone,” for her first time in over two years. This song is a reflection of her comeback from addiction and the starting point for her new life ahead of her. Other great performances included songs from Lil Nas X and Billie Ray Cyrus, and Ariana Grande.

Beyond the awards themselves, the evening held a special meaning to so many in the audience and those watching at home. NBA star Kobe Bryant passed away that morning from a helicopter accident. The Grammys were held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, which was Bryant’s home with the LA Lakers for the last 20 years. The audience and many of the nominees were devastated, but those who knew Bryant felt grateful to know him. He was a huge aspect of the entertainment society and inspired so many to chase their dreams.

“Standing in the Staples Center, home to the GRAMMYs and Los Angeles Lakers, Keys referred to the center as ‘the house that Kobe built’ as a photo of Kobe was displayed on an overhead screen,” the GRAMMY Awards website reads. “Keys asked the audience to hold Kobe, Gianna, and all those who were lost in the helicopter crash in their thoughts, prayers, and spirits.”

To close the show, Alicia Keys and Lizzo lead a tribute in Bryant’s honor. As many mourned their friend and fellow celebrity, others, such as the Jonas Brothers, wore a purple ribbon to honor his life. This year’s GRAMMY Awards was extremely special and touched the hearts of many. Kobe Bryant was a huge influence in the lives of multitudes of people, so honoring him in his second home allowed the music industry to say goodbye to their friend.

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