Staff begin move to new building

December 16, 2021

The construction zone is slowly being transformed into a state-of-the-art education center. After many setbacks in construction, such as labor and supply shortage, the new “A” building is starting to come together.

“When it’s all said and done, we are getting a much better situation,” said Assistant Principal Ronald Dentinger.

Starting this week, staff will be in the process of settling into the new building. A professional company has been hired to assist staff with the replacement of academic equipment. Certain departments, such as the journalism department and the business department, will be moved by the Career Technology Education.

Photo / Sarah Vargas

“There are different elements to the move,” said Dentinger. “There will be bumps but my feeling is that by January 17th, we should be sailing smoothly.”

Photo / Sarah Vargas

Students will be walking the spacious halls in the new workplace by the beginning of next year. The new “A” building will house specialized classrooms such as science laboratories and special education. “A” building will be housing advanced math courses as well as entry-level courses.

“Once you are in one of those classrooms it will feel like a college classroom,” Dentinger said. “It’s going to feel fresh and 21st century.”

Photo / Sarah Vargas

The new building is changing the dynamic of learning and teaching. In addition to revamped classrooms, there will be student lounge areas and teacher hubs. These additions will hopefully increase student and teacher involvement and encourage the love of learning.

“I hope they [students] take pride in the building,” Dentinger said. “It’s going to be beautiful and I hope we keep it beautiful.”

Photo / Sarah Vargas

The new building is the beginning of a changed campus. The rest of the building and “B” building is yet to come. As of now, 2022 is the year to look forward to.

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