Pure Barre classes offer full body workout


Photo / Christian Quinones

Pure Barre workouts take 45 to 50 minutes and students can choose how often they attend.

Pure Barre workouts are total body workouts that use ballet barre to perform movements that will burn fats, sculpt muscles and create lean physiques. This allows people to stay in shape without gaining bulk.

Pure Barre classes offer a total body workout over a 45-50 minute period, using techniques of low impact and isometric movements, designed to produce results. Throughout the class, individuals use the ballet barre and light equipment, aiming to focus on multiple areas of the body. This fusion of interval training is designed to elevate heart rate, build strength and increase metabolism. For the duration of the class, students use multi-directional, dynamic exercises with ankle weights and a plyometric platform to target different muscle groups simultaneously. Classes are offered for all ages and students can decide how often they want to attend.

“I like Pure Barre because every class challenges me and my body to the point where I start to see results,” senior Maddie Langford said. “Since every class is different, I am forced to stay engaged throughout the whole class, and it is so much fun.”

Pure Barre is said to be the fastest, most effective full-body workout. These high intensity movements are designed to strengthen and tone the body, providing individuals with long and lean muscle tone without the bulk.

Students that have never tried Pure Barre should take the foundation class to begin. The small classes combined with multiple experienced instructors introduce the basic movements and allow students to master the techniques, while also learning how to build self-confidence and reap the benefits of a first class.

A single class costs $23, a package of 10 classes is $200, and a month of unlimited classes is $225. New members can take advantage of the limited time offer of unlimited classes for one month for $100.

Pure Barre is located on North Stanton St. and on North Desert Boulevard. For more information on the times and types of classes offered, visit http://purebarre.com/ltb/all-about-the-barre/.