Local lawsuit condemns Walmart’s insufficient security


Aug. 3 is a day burned into the psyche of the people of the Sun City; it is a day that evokes the memory of those 22 El Pasoans’ lives, lost at the expense of a crazed white supremacist’s maniacal ideas. The fear still echoes across the city. It is evident in the haggard expressions of students; the lockdown drills, which have become more fervent and pulsing with nervous energy; and the weariness that accompanies constant fear, undeniable in everyone’s eyes. As time passes, anger is bubbling up by individuals who believe Walmart is partially at fault.

The anger is expressed especially by two victims of the shooting, Guillermo Garcia and his wife, Jessica Garcia, two surviving victims of the Cielo Vista Walmart shooting. They believe that the security at Walmart was insufficient.  Guillermo Garcia has undergone many surgeries after a bullet hit his spine and remains in critical condition. Jessica Garcia was initially hospitalized, but she was released from the hospital on Sept. 4. Ammons Law Firm is representing the couple and is appalled by the absence of security in the Cielo Vista Walmart.

“One of the major issues is ‘Who was watching the Walmart, what kind of security did Walmart have?’ And at this time, there was no discernible security on the premises at the time of the horrific event,” Ammons attorney Mariah Solis said to KVIA.

Walmart should have provided more adequate security to combat the shooter, yet it fell drastically short. Given that Walmart has around 4,769 stores stationed in the US and boasts a net worth of $514.4 billion, it would seem reasonable that they would invest into guarding their stores. Walmart, with its great hoard of wealth, should be able to provide safety for their shoppers.

Moreover, this safety should be extended not only to their shoppers, but to their employees as well. Putting their lives on the line on a daily basis should not be a required of employees, nor should leaving for work without a strong guarantee of returning uninjured.

“They still don’t have adequate security,” said senior Yurico Chavez, who was present at the Cielo Vista Walmart during the shooting. “And it scares me so much.”

The unprofessionalism displayed by Walmart towards victims of the shooting is truly deplorable. If Walmart had employed sufficient security beforehand, an instance like this could have possibly been avoided. Casualties could have been reduced and the deaths of 22 innocent individuals could have possibly been avoided. There are a variety of other factors that played into this situation, but Walmart providing better security would be a step in the right direction.