Future Doctors of America engages students in pre-medicine


Photo courtesy / FDA's social media

FDA members participate in a medical-themed obstacle course during one meeting.

Madison Untersee, Writer

One of Coronado’s many clubs, Future Doctors of America, has a lot going on this year. Future Doctors of America (FDA), is a club that prepares members for a possible career in the medical field. They achieve this by completing different activities and listening to a wide range of physicians speak about their experiences.

The club meets once a month in E-4, where they listen to a presentation by a doctor, practice different medical procedures, and more.

“Future Doctors of America is an awesome way to meet like-minded individuals!” senior Daniela Enriquez said. “We all gather together to further pursue our interest in the health field, and the meetings are always really fun.”

The club’s officers play a big role in planning the FDA meetings. The president is Sydney Puentes, and the vice president is Dora Goldstein. Daniela Enriquez, Tioluwa Akinjaiyeju, and Theresa Famatigan are officers as well. FDA is sponsored by physics teacher Mr. Adrian Chavez, who holds the meetings in his room, helps coordinate the meetings, and reaches out to guest speakers. The members participate in different activities, such as practicing suturing bananas and competing in trivia games.

“FDA is a great club where people with similar mindsets about their career can hang out and practice certain medical procedures,” senior Tioluwa Akinjaiyeju said. “We come together to better each other in the STEM field, and it’s a great community.”

Seniors who participate in Future Doctors of America will receive a cord to wear around their neck at graduation, a recognition of their hard work and commitment to the club. FDA is a fun and interactive way to get to know the medical field and to possibly make a decision about a career in health-related sciences. Meetings are held monthly in room E-4. Specific dates can be found on their Instagram, @fda_coronado, or by asking Mr. Chavez.