‘She Kills Monsters’ performed at Coronado

Senior Max Rothblatt holds a sword menacingly.

Seray Sezgen, Writer/Photographer

The theatre program showcased a production of She Kills Monsters on Nov. 21 and 22. She Kills Monsters is a 2012 play written by Qui Nguyen, and the theatre department has been preparing for it for over a month. Mr. Martyn Morales, the director, communicated both the challenges and rewards of putting together the play.

It began, of course, with preparation, a process that Mr. Martyn (as he prefers to be called) felt was mostly the same as it was for other shows. A series of rehearsals and workshops gradually ensured that everyone involved in the production was comfortable and ready for the big days.

“Essentially just rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse to get everything done nicely so that the show flows,” he said.

There were some obstacles along the way. Besides the usual challenge of actors memorizing their lines, a specific scene featuring the lead roles and the monsters was also hard to perfect.

“I think one of the biggest challenges we faced was the stage combat because we had to make sure there were no injuries and that everyone was safe,” he said.

On Mr. Martyn’s side, producing a play is a long and hard process. Keeping up with these responsibilities and teaching classes at the same time proved difficult but not unmanageable.

“When it comes to the other responsibilities, I kind of go day by day, and [try] to get everything done properly,” he said.

The play would not have been possible without sufficient funds. Theatre production requires a lot of money, but the theatre program had enough foresight that it was not an issue. They hosted a haunted house on Oct. 29, 30, and 31, which Mr. Martyn thinks was a successful fundraiser and helped to raise money for the production.

“We had most of the money ready in the club account, but we did use some of the money we earned from the haunted house,” he said. “We had to pay for the rights [to She Kills Monsters], but everything worked out well in the end.”

Regarding the play itself, Mr. Martyn had some reasons to choose to produce She Kills Monsters. Other than enjoying the flow of the story, he also knew that it would be perfect for the school.

“This play allowed a lot of opportunities for actors to be in the show and to be a big cast,” he said. “So, it was a good show for students to be on stage and perform in front of a crowd.”


Teachers Mr. Lenny Jurado and Mr. Humberto Vergara are the producers of Reel Screeners, a YouTube channel dedicated to critiquing films and television shows. Video courtesy / Reel Screeners

As for the theatre, Mr. Martyn has many upcoming plans which will offer even more opportunities for students to showcase their acting—or technical production—talents. The Drama Club also hosted a Christmas fundraiser and have already begun working on the University Interscholastic League (UIL) One-Act play. Lastly, he gave notice of the incoming musical, Carousel, which will have auditions after the winter break.