Special Olympics to celebrate special ed athletics

Photo courtesy / Theresita Carrera
12 students from Coronado are training for the Special Olympics on March 4.

Madison Untersee, Writer

On Wednesday, March 4, the special ed students from schools all over EPISD will gather at Burges High School to participate in  the Special Olympics. This event will take place all day and will be a way for the special ed students from across the district to have a fun time together. Coronado has 12 students who will be participating in the special Olympics this year.

At the Special Olympics, the students are able to participate in different events: speed walking 200 yards, running 200 yards, a relay, and a 400 m race. They will all break into teams and will be able to work together to try and win the different events. At the end of the race, no matter the winner, everyone will win a medal.

Video courtesy / EPISD

Tioluwa Akinjaiyeju, Nick Gonzalez, and Megan Lama from student council will be volunteering and helping out, as well as Mrs. Renee Aguirre. Students have been practicing for the different events they are competing in every “A” day before the competition.

“The special Olympics is a great time to spend with the students with special needs, and it’s great to see them have a lot of fun and just be there with them,” senior Nick Gonzalez said.

The Special Olympics will be a great way for the students to enjoy themselves and have an awesome time participating in some healthy competition.