Top movies to watch


Photo courtesy / Wikimedia Commons

Movies and TV shows are growing more popular during stay-at-home orders. When you’re watching, don’t forget the snacks!

Madison Untersee, Writer

When in quarantine, sometimes it’s hard to keep busy and find something to do. An easy option to avoid boredom would be to watch a movie! There are multiple movie streaming sites that have the best movies to date, including Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. Another way to watch movies is on demand through your TV network with On Demand. If you are bummed about the movies that were supposed to come out at the movie theater, some of those movies can be rented through multiple TV networks!

A popular series right now on Netflix is called All American. It’s about a football star named Spencer James that goes from a small town to Beverly Hills to live out his life and play football. There are currently two seasons on Netflix, and a third one is coming out next year. There are a lot of good Netflix Original movies and TV shows that are very popular these days as well, including: “Tiger King,” “Stranger Things,” “You,” and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. “Tiger King” is one of the top ten in the world right now. It’s a documentary about a “big cat” sanctuary and its eccentric zookeeper, Joe Exotic.

“I watch a lot of TV and movies at night before bed on Hulu and Netflix,” senior Lucas Rosas said.

Hulu also has countless options of popular movies and tv shows. Hulu works with the ABC network, and when certain shows air for the first time on TV, such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Station 19,” “911,” or “The Good Doctor,” they air the next day on Hulu for those who missed the airing on TV. This is very popular among Hulu watchers and is very beneficial for those who may miss the scheduled showing of the episode.

There are other movie/TV show sites to rent movies and watch shows, such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Redbox. Apple TV and Amazon Prime have a wide variety of movies and TV shows that you can rent that range from various prices. Newer movies will cost more to rent, while older movies will be cheaper.

There are countless ways to avoid boredom during quarantine, and watching movies and shows is one the most popular ways to pass time.