At-home photoshoot trend


Photo / Victoria Gasca

Some Instagram users are getting creative during quarantine using inspiration from TikTok videos.

Madison Untersee, Writer

As quarantine drags on and we are all still stuck in our homes, there are many ways to stay away from boredom. TikTok, a social media app, has started to convince many people to hop on the photoshoot trend. Photoshoots are a good way to stay creative and active and are a good reason to get out of your pajamas!

“I love taking outdoor photoshoots, and I’m glad I’m able to so my Instagram doesn’t run dry,” senior Dora Goldstein said.

The “outdoor mirror photoshoots” is a trend where people are bringing their large full body mirrors and taking pictures with them where you’re able to see the sky, flowers, trees, or nature in the background. These types of photos are super creative and flawless and are easy to take.

The “Instagram standing pose tutorials” are a series of videos posted by users who give viewers many different pose ideas. These range from sitting down poses to standing up poses to beach poses and many more. They can consist of an array of slideshows or a live video of different poses.

“I’ve applied a lot of the photoshoot tutorials to how I actually take pictures and it’s really worth it!” senior Alexandra Schydlower said.

Another photoshoot trend is called the “bathtub photoshoot.” Creators post videos of them in a bathtub that is full of water, a colored bath bomb, and milk. The water mixture is filled up with flowers, and the person gets into the bathtub and gets a picture taken of just their face. This trend is super unique and really beautiful.

There are countless ways to stay busy during quarantine, and photoshoots are a super fun way to let out your creativeness and have a fun time.