Goodbye Coronado: Megan Lama


Photo / Megan Lama

I will be attending the University of Texas at Austin this fall, but I will always remember my time as a Coronado T-Bird.

Megan Lama, Student Activities Editor

My last four years have been filled with Friday night football games, spirit dress up days, late nights with friends, and cramming for tests. With everything coming to an end – in the most nontraditional fashion – I am sad to see it all fade away, but at the same time I’m more excited than ever! It’s time to move on. Time to shed the status quo and start new. It’s an indescribable feeling, being sad at the life and memories being left behind, yet not caring because you lived your life to the fullest and new opportunities are on the horizon.

My high school experience was filled with officer positions, clubs, volunteering, and living. I was a Student Council officer for three years, National Honor Society Vice President and President, The Explorer‘s Student Activities Editor for two years, and was simultaneously involved in five other clubs. I took every chance and opportunity that came my way, without hesitation or thought. And I think that is the greatest piece of advice that I can give to all underclassmen. Say yes to every opportunity, try every new thing, do something every day that scares you, and don’t be afraid to live as if there’s no tomorrow. Go to the football games and cheer as loud as you can, drive around with your best friends blaring your favorite songs, and don’t live in a bubble that’s comfortable, take chances and push your boundaries. Grades and test scores are important, but don’t let them hinder you. Put in effort and strive for good grades, but the second you prioritize a test grade over taking chances and making memories is the second when you slip up. Memories of being young lasts a lifetime; stressing over getting a B over an A only lasts a semester.

Next semester, I will be attending The University of Texas at Austin studying early childhood education, in hopes of becoming a first grade teacher. My dream of going to UT couldn’t have been possible without support and instruction from Mrs. Aguirre, Mr. Vergara, Mr. Jurado, Mrs. Kapraun-Walker, Mrs. Wancho, Mr. Ballway, Mrs. Vargas, and so many more. I am thankful for all that Coronado has provided me with and for the educational and life lessons I have learned! Everything in life comes to an end, and this is the end of my high school experience and life in El Paso.

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