Goodbye Coronado (it’s been fun): Ryan Fennell

Ryan Fennell, Sports Editor

Well, my time getting to boss my friends around for an hour a few times a week has ended. Since the day I walked into room A-32 in my freshman year, I instantly fell in love with journalism. I started off as a writer doing whatever my editors would ask of me and slowly but surely grew into an editor myself. Whether it was sports, entertainment, or feature stories, I always enjoyed being able to write for the Coronado student body.

I would like to thank Mr. Seufert and Ms. Vargas for giving me the chance to be apart of the Explorer for four years and constantly pushing me to be a better writer and a better person. Thank you both for continuously putting up with the sports section and myself. I will never take for granted the countless hours trying to perfect every spread and story. I would like to thank my fellow editors and most importantly my writers. I understand how much it must have sucked listening to me every week, but I appreciate the work you all did. The sports section always rang superior and it was all due to you all. And most importantly I would like to thank the people who read my stories.

To the students, parents, staff, or anyone that happened upon one of my stories and took the time to read it, I appreciate it. Whether you read one story three years ago or all of them this year, it truly means a lot to me. I will be heading to Texas A&M in the near future and hopefully will get the opportunity to continue writing, but until then remember: peace, positivity, and go T-Birds.