Student Council copes during the pandemic

Student Council hosts various themed weeks and encourages students to dress up according to themes. During Howdy Week, one day was “bring your dog to school day.”

Josh Haefner, Editor

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of many school events in order to protect the public. The Student Council (also referred to as “StuCo”) has had to cancel some of their plans as well, but there are still multiple events they will move forward with despite the pandemic. These will still be modified for everyone’s safety. 

“The cancellations break my heart because I constantly see the disappointment in students around me,” Student Activities Director Mrs. Renee Aguirre said. “These are fun events that help make high school memorable and students are missing out on those memories.” 

Aguirre said that homecoming, the Student Council winter retreat, all pep rallies, and freshman orientation had to be cancelled, among other events. 

“We are devastated that we cannot follow through with many of the events that we had previously done, but we are adapting to the situation we are in and making the most out of it,” Secretary Karyme Avina said. “While the virtual dress up days and online projects are not ideal, they are still a way to promote student involvement and make sure that the student body has a say in what’s going on.” 

One event that was still possible ws Red Ribbon week, something that Avina said the Student Council put a lot of effort into planning.

“[During] Red Ribbon Week for example, we plan dress up days that are accessible for everyone and promote the message of being drug-free through facts that we research, then we collaborate during class to see if the ideas we are going to put out to the general members will be effective for them and the Coronado community,” Avina said. “It depends on the mass of the project for the time we have to prepare for it. This Red Ribbon Week, we started a week before planning the dress up days, making the flyers, and getting facts. 

Student Council will also still be doing the Chick-fil-A Westside Bowl Challenge from Nov. 4-11, though it will be drive-thru only, as it is currently unsafe to dine in.  

“This year I am most looking forward to our Chick-Fil-A Westside Bowl Challenge in which we battle against Franklin to see who can get the most amount of people to buy food from the site,” Avina said. “The winner receives a $1500 donation, which can be put towards the school or club improvements. It is especially exciting because the StuCo board will be able to decorate the Chick-Fil-A on Remcon in order to hopefully facilitate more visitors.” 

For Thanksgiving, the council plans on collecting food for the custodial staff.   

“We are looking forward to collecting turkeys and pies for our custodians and cafeteria workers,” Aguirre said. We are hoping to help out a small part of our community during these trying times.” 

Coronavirus has had an undeniable impact on StuCo activity. There are many things that must be done differently under these circumstances. 

COVID-19 has had a huge impact towards Student Council, as many events, planning, and student participation are reliant on in person participation,” President Aron Basurto said. However, we have done and are doing our best to adapt to our situation and make the most out of the guidelines we are given. 

Despite the coronavirus complicating things somewhat the Student Council is still planning various activities to assist the school and community. Though not every event can be done, the Student Council still has activities planned for Coronado students, something that may provide a sense of normalcy under the current circumstances.