Spring finals schedule


Photo / Victoria Gasca

Seniors will start off finals early to allocate time for senior clearance. Underclassmen will start finals several days later.

Justin Young, Writer

As the semester comes to a close, the final exam period is approaching. Seniors will test early in order to complete senior clearance  

Finals for seniors will take place on Friday, June 4 through Wednesday, June 9. For each day from June 4-9, seniors will take two finals each day. There will be a review period to allow them one last study session before the test. June 10-15 is senior clearance. Seniors will meet with their counselors to make sure they are on track for graduation, as well as return their laptops, textbooks, or any other school-owned item that they may have 

Finals for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will take place on Wednesday, June 9 through Monday, June 14. On June 15, all underclassmen will attend short classes for periods 1-8, and there will be early release that day. 

 As usual, there will be exemptions allowed. To be exempt, the student must have less than three absences and must have an 90% semester average in a particular class. Even if the senior or underclassmen is exempt, they will still have to come to the review period.  

The full schedule may be viewed below.


Photo courtesy / Coronado High School