Certified Lover Boy or Certified Loser Boy?


Photo courtesy / Aaron McMurtry

Drake makes a comeback with his album “Certified Lover Boy”, but how does this success stack up against West’s?

Almost a year after it was first announced, Drake has released his 6th album “Certified Lover Boy”. Like Kanye West, Drake had a much anticipated build-up and wait to his album, dropping a total of 21 songs.

The release date of the album coincided with West’s album release date. Drake’s album release date was Sept. 3 and West’s album release date was Aug. 29, only four days apart from each other. The similarities in both the release dates and the build-up caused even more tension between the two artists.

However, there was a time in which the artists got along. You could even go as far as saying they were inspired by each other. In 2007, Drake wrote one of his first mixtapes, “Comeback Season,” over the beat of West’s album track “Barry Bonds”. When being interviewed on his inspiration on his mixtape, Drake revealed that a lot of his inspiration came from West.

“I’d even go as far as to say he’s the most influential person as far as a musician that I’d ever had in my life,” Drake said.

The artists continued collaborating and featuring each other on multiple songs. However, the tables turned in 2018. A dispute over West’s song “Infrared” brought tension between the two artists and a third artist, Pusha T. The artists got into nasty Twitter fights, not unusual to West, and things went south from there.

Coronado students as well are divided between the two artists. T-bird students took a pool on whether they preferred “Donda” or “Certified Lover Boy”. There were 39 votes for “Certified Lover Boy” and 18 votes for “Donda”, making CLB the winner at 68% of votes.

West’s fans and Drake’s fans have started a feud of which artist’s album takes the cake. Some fans support both artists and are torn between the controversy.

Some West Fans side with Drake.

“I liked the features more on Certified Lover Boy,” junior Ian Sanchez said. “I think Donda is very subpar to the other albums Kanye has dropped and would rather listen to CLB.”

Some Drake fans side with Kanye.

“The consistency and rhythm of Donda were what drew me in,” senior Cullen Beltran said. “I would love to always support Drake, but CLB was all over the place.”

Disputes over the albums continue all over social media and it seems like this is an artistic dispute that will cause a monumental shift in music history.