Meet the Crafting Kindness club


Photo courtesy / Crafting Kindness Club

The club hopes to work on more projects in the future.

Caroline Mann, Writer, Photographer

You could walk through the halls and find any number of clubs and extracurriculars to join, but the Crafting Kindness club has certain characteristics that seem to draw in members who want to make a difference. Led by President Ariabella Daniels, the club focuses on finding creative ways to appreciate and acknowledge those in our community that rarely get recognition. Their monthly projects are focused on appreciating healthcare workers, T-bird staff, and even animals by using their members to create gifts that are as appealing to the eye as they are to the heart.

“The crafting kindness club was founded in order to give back to people in our community,” Daniels said.

Most of the projects the club does involve hours of planning and preparation, along with the participation of the clubs’ members.

“We have accumulated more than 90 members over the last couple of years, and we are always looking for more,” Daniels said.

One of the projects the Crafting Kindness Club worked on was a chocolate first aid to be distributed to healthcare workers at El Paso Children’s Hospital.

“Our first aid project was planned so that we could give back to the healthcare workers of El Paso who work so hard and rarely get any recognition,” Daniels said.

“What I love about the club is that we are able to get members from every background and every grade to participate,” said sponsor Sheila Parr.

Parr emphasized that Ariabella is able to take initiative and lead the meetings.

“I love crafts, but Ariabella was the person who really convinced me to sponsor the club,” Parr said.

The  officers oversee planning the service projects, meetings, and activities at the beginning of the year, and that they do an amazing job of making sure everything is in check.

The Crafting Kindness club may just be another poster on the wall that you see while walking to class, however if you decided to stumble into a meeting you would be greeted with a warm welcome and by members wanting to make a difference. New members are always welcome, and the club is hoping to see an increase in their members and participation in the community.

The Crafting Kindness Club does not have any upcoming meetings scheduled. You can find all information on their Instagram. (@craftingkindness_chs )