Details on AP Exams

Galiah Abbud

AP exams are standardized tests offered to high school students to measure a student’s mastery of an AP course. AP exams allow students to advance their studies and determine college credit or course placement. There are 32 tests available on campus, including art history, computer science, and biology.

‘AP exams are a great way to get a head-start in college courses and saving money,” said Statistics teacher Alexandra Rudder.

AP central will closely monitor trends in global, national, and local health to make any adjustments necessary. AP prides itself on ensuring student and staff safety and will continue to prioritize health. For now, the exam dates are set over a two-week period:  May 2-6 and May 9-13. All exams, except for AP Chinese and AP Japanese, will be done paper-and-pencil.

“As of right now, we are planning on having the exams in person considering students are attending school,”  said AP coordinator Sharon Uribe. “Last year was a disaster so this year will hopefully be better.”

Registration for all exams ends on Nov. 4. Students need to join their class section on AP central to be able to register for an exam. Secondly, students should go see Mrs. Uribe in the counseling center to fill out a form for testing. Lastly, AP exam fees will be collected on school cash online. The exams have a cost of $37; the price was reduced by the school. The exams have a cost of $16. For any questions regarding registration contact Mrs. Uribe.

“You can reach me on email or phone, however, I encourage students to come see me face to face,” Uribe said.

As usual, early testing is not permitted under any circumstance; however, late testing dates will be available to students. These dates are available to students that can’t make the original testing date due to complications such as health reasons.  All late testers will be given a different exam to ensure the fairness of the system. All morning exams must begin between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. MT with a few exceptions like AP Physics C. All afternoon exams must begin between 12 and 1 p.m. MT.

“Students who have two exams at one time, who have an emergency or have something planned on the date of the exam can come see me for later testing,” Uribe said.

Considering all exams are in person, students are even at more of an advantage due to the fact in-person test-taking is the usual AP format and a return to normalcy.