Yearbook finishes up work

Angelica Serna

Aim, click, and capture the moment. Being able to capture a special and monumental memory during the school year is not simple. The yearbook staff is working extra hard this year to make this yearbook the best one yet. After not being able to attend in-person school for over a year, the staff is more than pleased to have the opportunity to capture the magic that occurs within these walls once again.

Being a part of the yearbook isn’t just about capturing everyone else’s moments, but also your own.

Kim Haefner, the teacher for the course, greets her classes with a warm smile and positive energy that radiates throughout the class. She has built a foundation and has established an organized system that allows the students to experience editing and even capturing pictures.

“All the students know how to shoot photos and everyone knows how to access and edit the website for their online pages,” Haefner said.

Yearbook has a welcome environment that includes everyone and ensures that nobody feels left out. Every person has a special role and purpose on the staff.

“It’s a really good group, it always works out really well because we’re all  doing something together,” said Editor Giuliana Daniels.

The staff has had the opportunity to build connections and friendships with a variety of people throughout the all grade levels, whether it’s meeting them through the class, meeting them during interviews, or even writing stories that include them. Everyone has been able to meet new people through this course.

“Being a part of yearbook has really allowed me to connect and make friends with all the grade levels,” said Senior photographer Austin Rystad. ” You get to grow close with all the classes when you have been doing it as long as I have.”

The yearbook is not only a chance to look at your class pictures but is a chance to reflect on your past school year and all the opportunities one took. The  class works hard and enjoys all the  moments they have with each other and the  community.