Skincare Tips for Beginners


Photo / Gracyn Hunt

Sunscreen is essential to maintain healthy skin and prevent wrinkles.

Lauren Gonzalez, Writer

With over hundreds of products decking the aisles and copious opinions on the do’s and don’ts of skincare, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the community of facial products. However, no matter how generalized skincare may seem, the most crucial factor to remember is skin products are meant to tailor to all various skin types and textures, meaning there is one for you.

For example, oily skin best reacts with ingredients such as salicylic acid, and niacinamide to exfoliate the skin, and deeper cleanse the pores to loosen dead skin cells to make the skin look fresher and healthier. Products that help with this include serums from “The Ordinary,” such as the niacinamide serum, and salicylic patches to dry up any blemishes, and increase improvement within the skin.

However, products for dry skin best react with ingredients such as glycerin, vitamin E, and petrolatum most found in thicker moisturizers such as the CeraVe deep moisturizer, and the Glossier future dew serum.

You can best determine your skin type by both your physical appearance and the reactions it has to certain products. Visibly noticeable indicators can vary from whether your skin tends to produce more oil or not enough. Conducting proper research is crucial to determine nonphysical factors that could be negatively impacting your skin.

Simple and efficient skincare routines tend to react best with the skin. It’s best to start off with a dermatologist-approved face wash such as Cera Ve, or Cetaphil. Then moving on with a simple moisturizer is crucial to the hydration of the skin, and it’s best to choose one with no fragrances to avoid unnecessary chemicals.

Being aware of ingredients, and checking labels in products is a very important factor so your skin can absorb what’s best for it. It’s crucial to stay aware.

Although this process can be tedious, it’s a process that will take time in order to find what’s best for your skin.