5 Holiday Movies to Suit Any Mood

Isabel Ramos-Assam, Editor

Christmas season is here, and one tradition that shouldn’t be missed is watching a timeless Christmas movie. Young or old, Christmas movies never fail to build up holiday spirit and bring back comforting memories. Here are 5 Christmas movies to watch depending on how you’re feeling. 

Both the 1994 and 2019 adaptations of Little Women consist of a star cast and a comforting story about female empowerment, sisterly love, and a white Christmas setting. These two films feature Christmas scenery, including fires, warm clothing, and a snowy landscape surrounding the March house. Consisting of personal struggles and difficulties, these movies are emotional, heartwarming, and empowering.  

If you’re in the mood for an exciting and comical couple of hours, Home Alone is a classic that is sure to fill you with high spirits. Featuring an energetic, clever 8-year-old boy as the lead, this movie is set in Chicago during Christmas break. After Kevin McCallister is forgotten before a family trip to Paris, he must protect his house from rather comical burglars. Feelings of nostalgia and holiday joy are almost guaranteed in this winter adventure. 

Horror is an uncommon but nevertheless fascinating Christmas movie genre. Krampus is just the film for fear lovers. In this movie, Santa Claus is portrayed as a monster who goes around punishing those with no Christmas spirit. Based on a German folklore, this spooky concept is a perfect balance of imagination and horror. 

Romantic Christmas flicks are a must-have for holiday celebrators. Let It Snow is an undoubtedly comforting movie centered on a group of high school teens brought together by Christmas traditions and cold weather. Encapsulating a cold December day, this film details a youthful love fueled by Christmas spirit. With friendship and relationship ups and downs, this movie is bound to bring you just enough Christmas charm and cheer.  

When it comes to fantasy, animation never fails to fuel our imagination. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Tim Burton work of art with a side of eeriness. This movie follows the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who accidentally takes over the winter holiday. On a mission to restore this holiday, he goes on a series of adventures. This film is entrancing to any imaginative viewer and celebrator of Christmas. 

Ranging from comical to romantic to comforting, Christmas movies have the power to invite viewers into a fictional world and connect them to some of their happiest memories. Often revolving around themes of love, friendship, family, and morality, Christmas movies will likely remain a tradition that focuses our attention on the good in the world.