Editorial: Is El Paso a Good Place to Raise a Family?


Although El Paso may not be a common tourist destination, it is a city that fosters safety, affordability, and has good weather year-round. El Paso’s location as a border city and as a military base has led to this city being overlooked. Recently ranked by a Scholaroo survey as the 15th best city in the country to raise a family, El Paso offers a variety of elements crucial to a family’s wellbeing.

El Paso is consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States. Crime rates are relatively low, making the city and its neighborhoods safe to walk in. With 1 representing low crime and 100 representing high crime, El Paso has a 22.1 in violent crime, according to FBI data.

Furthermore, El Paso public schools have an average rank of 8/10, which is in the top 30% of Texas public schools. By providing free and effective education to students, El Paso schools will leave kids well prepared for college.

El Paso’s affordability and low cost of living is a key element that families should consider when deciding where to raise their children. Housing in El Paso is more affordable than in larger Texas cities and is below the national average. Daily necessities and expenses, such as healthcare, clothing, food, and transportation, are also below average.

Another key aspect of El Paso is the pleasant climate and the moderate seasonal changes. The city’s weather is dry and cool during the short winter and sunny during the summer, which provides the ideal conditions for kids to spend time outdoors. Rather than staying indoors during the winter months, families in El Paso can continue to make memories and move on with their daily life without severe weather conditions getting in the way.

El Paso offers a variety of family friendly activities, mainly outdoors activities, that families can enjoy throughout the year. Outdoor activities in El Paso include hiking, scenic drives, zoo visits, golf clubs, mini golf, and playgrounds. Regardless of the season, families will never be left without an outdoor activity.

Along with outdoor activities, El Paso also has numerous forms of entertainment for families, including museums, indoor skydiving, and arcades. In addition, El Paso’s restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, ranging from Mediterranean to Thai to Mexican food. The homemade quality and homely atmosphere of many El Paso restaurants allow families to consistently spend quality time together over a meal. 

El Paso’s safety, low cost of living, education system, and nice weather make it one of the most family friendly cities in the country. With a variety of activities to entertain both kids and parents, El Pasoans have the chance to make the most out of raising a family.