High School: Incoming Freshman vs. Incoming Senior’s Perspectives


Victoria Gasca

Coronado High School is now empty of students, but only until August 13.

As the end of summer looms ever nearer, many students are beginning to turn their attention towards returning to school. For some, this means their first year at Coronado while for others it means their last. Time and experiences affect perspectives in a significant way. Freshman Martha Rios-Lozano and senior Regan Dankovich share their perspectives regarding the upcoming school year.

Martha feels apprehensive about going into freshman year. As a transfer student, she has not met any of her classmates and worries about the challenges of making new friends.

Regan has a mix of emotions about her senior year. “I feel excited, scared heading into my senior year. I’m excited in the sense that this is my last year in El Paso. While I love this city, I am not from here. I will finally be able to go to school closer to my family. Though, I am scared in the sense that my future depends on how I handle this school year,” she explained.

Each of the two also had vastly different, but understandable, fears for the school year.

“My biggest fear would probably be getting lost on the first day,” Martha said. This year, this concern is not present solely in freshman and new students due to the construction that will be taking place.

“I am most scared of the compounding stress of the first semester of senior year with many big IB [International Baccalaureate] deadlines and college applications,” Regan said. Seniors must make this year count by maintaining their grades and making important decisions about their futures.

Of course, high school is not all fear and stress. Many exciting moments await everyone in the coming year.

Martha is most excited to take part in the orchestra program, while Regan is looking forward to showing off her school pride in her last year at Coronado. “I am looking forward to graduating and discovering what life holds for me after high school…I want to make the most of my last year here in El Paso,” she added.

Regardless of grade level, we can all agree that this school year is going to be a memorable one and that it is important to give it our all and explore new challenges.

Note: Coming to a new and unfamiliar campus is often intimidating to students. Fortunately, members of The Explorer staff have created a map of Coronado High School to ease navigating the halls, allowing you to make it to class on time. It is available on this website!