Poem: The fragrance of life


Photo / Victoria Gasca

A small pink flower blossoms during the warmth of spring.

Srila Muthyala, Guest Contributor

The fragrance of life

Watching the small pink bud

Growing into an epitome of beauty, a lotus

Its sweet scent, attracting creatures

Of all sorts

A busy worker bee works its way up to the top

Gathering all the nectar it can,

Even from the young lotus

Slowly the nectar churned into honey

Still sweet, but now sticky

A hungry bear makes its way to the hive

Infuriated bees carry on the assault of a million

What’s some discomfort to the fulfillment of a craving?

Cherishing every drop of the honey nectar

Gently sleeping next to the same lotus,

But now, it only has a petal left