Annual competition to determine next Mr. T-Bird


Photo / Victoria Gasca

The next Mr. T-Bird will be determined on March 12. Junior and senior boys: don’t forget to sign up!

Anna Guerra, Writer

The yearly Mr. T-Bird pageant is approaching soon. On March 12 at 5:30 in the fine arts auditorium, this longstanding Coronado tradition will make its debut in the new decade. The contest has been popular among the students for years, especially the senior boys. Mr. T-Bird is a male pageant that pits juniors and seniors head-to-head to determine who has the most Coronado spirit. The pageant includes a pick-up line bit, a skit, and a talent. Each contestant will try his hardest to prove to the panel of judges that he is the most deserving to be crowned Mr. T-Bird.

Every year, the senior executive hosts Mr. T-Bird to help raise money to cover all of the senior festivity costs. Senior class president Liam Crowley has been working hard all year to fit everything the senior class wants in the budget.

“It is hard to please everyone because of course not everyone wants the same things,” Crowley said. “Mr. T-Bird allows us to get more money to add cool things that most seniors want to our agenda, such as senior breakfast and project graduation.”

Mr. T-Bird tickets will cost $3, and anyone is welcome to come watch.

All interested junior and senior boys are encouraged to sign up in C-9 to be a part of Mr. T-Bird. There are no auditions for the pageant, just a rehearsal on March 11 after school. It is open to anyone at Coronado, no matter popularity or extracurriculars. It is a great way for male students to let loose and have fun in front of their peers. They get to show their personality and humor to the judges to hopefully be crowned the 2020 Mr. T-Bird.