Holiday Blessings spreads joy safely


Photo courtesy / Student Council

Student Council found ways to bring the holiday spirit to the community, such as decorating the Christmas trees on campus. The most impactful holiday event might be Holiday Blessings, in which they sent gifts to children during an unusual year.

Seray Sezgen, Writer/Photographer

Even during an unprecedented holiday season, the Holiday Blessings project persisted in spreading happiness throughout the community. 

Holiday Blessings is an annual event hosted by Coronado’s and Franklin’s Student Councils for the purpose of donating and giving presents to children in lower-income areas of El Paso.

Every year, Holiday Blessings donations are received by a select number of students in a chosen elementary school in El Paso. They are given boxes of presents containing their needs and wants for the new year. After the donation is made by Coronado and Franklin students, both Student Councils would usually give the gifts to the children by themselves. However, due to COVID-19 regulations, all donations were made online this year. 

Student Council decided to create an Amazon wish list to make the process 100% virtual. If a student wished to donate, they followed links leading to two different wish lists: one for the Ronald McDonald House and one for the El Paso Center for Children. Depending on the amount the student (or member of the community) was willing to donate, they were directed to a range of items from which to select. Some of these items were essentials, such as hygiene products or clothing, while others included toys for children to enjoy during the holidays.

Members of the Student Council describe this project as something they look forward to every year. 

“For me, Holiday Blessings [events] have always been the highlight of my Christmas,” senior and Community Service Chair Nyla Hajj said. “In years past, being able to hand these presents to the children and observe their contagious excitement was thrilling and something I will never forget.”

Although COVID-19 created some obstacles to this event, Student Council did their absolute best to help these children. According to Student Council members, Holiday Blessings was one of the most significant events of all year. It is a reminder of what this season is all about: bringing smiles to people’s faces and helping others in need.