Column: pandemic makes finding the joys in life harder, but not impossible


Photo courtesy / Pixabay

Enjoying media that you never had time for is one positive thing to come out of the pandemic.

Josh Haefner, Editor in Chief

Living during the pandemic has been hard. I would hope nobody would deny that. I myself have missed out on over a year of interaction with school friends, not to mention the potential drawbacks of a completely remote education.

While I have done fine in that regard, I understand why some people wouldn’t, and if some of my fellow students end up a year of instruction behind, that’s a huge problem.

Beyond what’s already been mentioned, the pandemic also made visiting family and taking vacations dangerous.

Essentially, there’s been very little to do during the pandemic beyond watching shows and playing games, which I don’t mind doing, but there really should be more to life than just that.

At the same time, I’ve had some great experiences during the pandemic, too. I have never thought it was impossible to have fun during the pandemic, I just had to look a little harder than normal.

I wouldn’t have gone on walks in my neighborhood just for fun prior to the pandemic, but now that I’ve seen how fun it can be, it’s something I will keep doing in the future.

I’ve been able to experience a lot of media I wouldn’t normally have time for, too. Shows with over three seasons and 40+ hour games aren’t off-putting anymore like they used to be for me.

While a life of just playing video games and watching TV wouldn’t be my thing, it is nice to be able to get through longer media that I normally wouldn’t be able to fully experience due to a hectic schedule.

I’ve also had the chance to talk to my online friends a lot more, and even though I miss my school friends, interacting with people you met online is still real socialization.

Overall, the pandemic has plenty of good experiences to offer to balance out the bad. You just have to look very hard.