NBA playoffs


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The return of the NBA playoffs, complete with some fan attendance, is an exciting experience for basketball fans. The playoffs began late last month and are expected to continue through July.

Taylor Stewart, Writer

After an abnormal past season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA hosts a more exhilarating (and more normal) playoffs this year.

The playoffs started May 22, and they are predicted to end in July.

The fact that the NBA decided that fans were back and were allowed to watch the game in person brings back normality to the United States. Fans are excited that they are allowed back to watch the finals.

“As a former basketball player, I love watching the NBA playoffs,” senior Mackenzie Stewart said. “Watching last year was honestly super sad, and the vibe wasn’t there. I think as a fan, it was also hard to watch because the crowd [gives] the rest of the fans and team players an adrenaline rush, and that is the best part of the NBA playoffs.”

Sixteen teams are included in the NBA playoffs. These include eight from the Western Conference and eight from the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference matchups include: Utah Jazz (#1) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (#8), Phoenix Suns (#2) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (#7), Denver Nuggets (#3) vs. Portland Trail Blazers (#6), and Los Angeles Clippers (#4) vs. Dallas Mavericks (#5). The Eastern Conference matchups include: Philadelphia 76ers (#1) vs. Washington Wizards (#8), Brooklyn Nets (#2) vs. Boston Celtics (#7), Milwaukee Bucks (#3) vs. Miami Heat (#6), and New York Knicks (#4) vs. Atlanta Hawks (#5).

The Milwaukee Bucks are the only team thus far that has defeated their first-round opponent (Miami Heat) and advanced to the second round. They will face the winner of the Nets/Celtics series.

In the Eastern conference, the 76ers are ranked first in the playoffs as of now with 49 wins and 23 losses. The Nets are second place in the ranking as of right now with a total of 48 wins and 24 losses. The Bucks are third in the rankings with a total of 46 wins and 26 losses.

In the Western conference, the Jazz are first with a total of 52 wins and 20 losses. The Suns are ranked second with a total of 51 wins and 21 losses. The Nuggets were third with a total of 47 wins and 25 losses.

The NBA playoffs is the biggest NBA event that happens all year. This event has been happening for a very long time, and it’s the most competitive competition of the NBA season.