Letter From the Editor

Alejandra Salas, Editor

Hi, I’m Alejandra Salas, and alongside this year’s newspaper editor, I will be returning to my second year of newspaper, except this time as an editor. I am excited for this year’s newspaper staff to make wonderful stories and issues, Together I hope we make it a memorable year 🙂
If you enjoy writing, photography, and journalism, I think newspaper is made just for you. Our class will need several positions, so even if you think you’re not the best at one thing, we will make sure of putting you where you feel most confident. For those of you who are doubtful, I suggest of giving it a try! When I began a year ago, I never thought l’d love newspaper so much, and now here I am.
This year, I hope to achieve my main goal; to make newspaper known. Here we will write memorable stories that students will enjoy reading. I’m so excited to give it my all this year and I know that with an amazing staff, we will be able to do just that.
I hope you stick around! Reminder, all students are welcome to join and much appreciated.