Voting Elections

In a time where this country’s political climate is becoming increasingly tense, it is more important than ever that young voters make their voices heard. The upcoming midterm elections will be vitally important to deciding the future of the nation, and the youth need to step up and participate.

Elections will begin today, November 8th, 2022 and will determine who will occupy countless important political positions, including many senate seats. Additionally, many local and state elections occur simultaneously. In the 2018 midterm elections roughly 32 percent of young voters (ages 18-24) turned out. This is over 30 percent lower than the turnout for voters aged 65+ in the same election. These numbers set a sad precedent, that the young people of this country are okay with giving the elderly control of its future.

It is not uncommon to see political nihilism among the young. Having grown up in a polarized and bitter era, many have convinced themselves that things are hopeless, and that their vote couldn’t possibly matter, but they are wrong. If everyone who could participated, the state of American politics would be very different. By not participating in democracy the young give away their futures to chance and the wills of the old. This self-defeating mindset needs to end, and soon.

The frustration and hopelessness that many feel in relation to politics is understandable. As America’s political climate has become more toxic, many have wished to escape from thinking about politics altogether. However, that is exactly what those benefitting from this political climate want to happen. Ignorance and blind escapism will only lead to a slow and painful death for the democratic process. Younger generations need to step up and participate in politics, or they will continue to go unheard.

As incoming voters, we ALL need to make our voices heard. If we do not, the same people that have been deciding things for decades in America will continue to do so, and we will have nobody to blame but us. If you are an eligible voter, then go out and vote. We cannot sit and refuse to take action or responsibility any longer. It is time to bring an end to our generation’s self-imposed underrepresentation.